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Why do we feel retro-computing nostalgia?

What if the past was not better, but just more understandable?

Some old computers from the movie Wargames. One with a green-on-black screen and some schematics; the other with a white-on-black prompt.

Why do we feel attraction for the past? Why do we look at the ‘old web’ with dreaming eyes? Why do we see old protocols and feel the lure of the past? Why do we feel nostalgia for old technology? In this article, I explore my reasons behind the retro-computing nostalgia.

The Changelog – June 2024

The "worst month" ended up being better than expected. But it had to hit me with a flu.

Here in Italy, in June 2024, we had a lot of desert sand in the sky. This is basically how it felt doing errands for most of this month.

In the last issue, I lamented May’s lack of passion and my inability to connect with anything in particular. In June, instead, I caught up with everything. I got very invested in many things. I loved tons of movies, and I lost myself (and spent too much money) in a lot of different music genres.

One surprising thing about LLMs nobody is talking about

Small reflections on the unexpected of syntactic networks.

A network of nodes connected by lines. Photo by Alina Grubnya on Unsplash.

Large Language Models (LLMs) maybe be controversial, somehow, but I am still amazed by their mathematical properties. In this article, I will reflect on my favorite one.

The Changelog – May 2024

The "worst month" ended up being better than expected. But it had to hit me with a flu.

May can be beutiful too, after all. Photo by Andreea Popescu on Unsplash.

May was better than expected. Even if I had to deal with a week of flu. I read two books, watched 36 movies, binged the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and listened to a lot of music. I also started playing Tunic.

The Changelog – April 2024

If I could summarize April 2024 it would be: 'it was nice, but it could have been better.'

The author waiting for May. (screenshot from The Conversation movie)

Let’s see the three books I read in April 2024, the ending of Fallot and Shogun, a beautiful Japanese movie, and a never-ending album with 32 tracks. All that in a slowly declining mood. Hurray!

This website will always be open. For bots, too.

Because offering free and accessible information is the most important thing.

Header image for This website will always be open. For bots, too.

In period where everybody seems to care about the use of our content, I decided to take a stance: I will always make my content available to everybody, human and non-human alike. Because copyright is a already a problem as it is.

The Changelog – March 2024

Writing, reading, watching movies, and making music: at a very slow pace. And that's fine.

The author preparing for April. (no, it's just Conan the Barbarian)

March flew by in a blink. For good reasons: I had some interesting work projects I focused on, and I spent the rest of the time reading, watching movies, and making music. While there were things I wanted to write (I have three rough blog posts drafts), it was a nice pace.

The Changelog – February 2024

Or, how I wathched more movies than ever in the shortest month of the year.

A screenshot from the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray watching a clock.

Let’s explore the events from last month! I’ll discuss why I moved my website back to my hosting server, how I watched more movies than I did in the last three years combined, the three books I read, DJ Rozwell’s roguelike album, and more.

The Changelog – January 2024

The neverending flu season.

The NaNoWriMo 2023 Winner Badge

This has been a month of ups and downs. I started the year with a flu comeback, and I ended it with a lot of interesting things. I started my movie bucket list, I read the grandfather of all noirs novels, and I completed Hogwarts Legacy. Just to name a few things.

The Books I Read in 2023

Another year. Another bunch of interesting books.

Cover of the books I read in 2023

After another 12 months, I am back with the traditional summary list of the books I read in the previous solar year. So here are my 35 books that I read in 2023.