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About Me

When you click on the “About” section of some random blog, you already show great interest in what I do. So, first of all, thank you!

Now, let’s move on to answering the question, “who the hell is this guy?” (I know you thought that.)

My name is Davide Aversa, and I’m a software developer, part-time game developer, and professional AI engineer, based in Latina (Italy). However, I cursed by too many hobbies and passions such as music production, math, writing, wordlbuilding, philosophy and only the Gods will know what else will came up.

I started this website in Italian 15 years ago, and then moved to English in 2014 to share a trace of my effort in my professional field. Here, you’ll find a mix of personal stories, helpful tips, unrequested opinions and whatevere else I think it may be remotely interesting to somone else.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

A little bit about me

In 2013, I was graduated in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and since then I try to wriggle myself into the amazing world of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation.

In 2017 I’ve got a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, with particular research interests in AI for Games, Game Development technologies and procedural contents generation.

Then, somehow, I got a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

I currently work at Helvia.

I wrote two book on Unity and I usualy discuss Artificial Intelligence, Game Design and Software Development in general.

Find me in the other profiles too!

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