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February 2019 Update

Here we are again on this monthly update in which I talk about everything and nothing — a small summary of what I am doing, arranging and brewing, both on tech than in life.

About Work and Stuff

First, let’s do a small recap. In January I have been focused on work and fiction writing, but I also started working on my yearly theme of renovation. The first step was moving to a bigger city; I started working on that, I spend a week looking for a place, the search was not successful but is a first active step.

At work, I am currently using React. I like React, but I find JavaScript unbearable; if I were entirely in charge of the project, I would spend my weekend porting it to TypeScript just to avoid the fact that I need to click on every button just to be sure that I didn’t write talbe instead of table. Unfortunately, I cannot, so I’ll continue screaming inside.

About the Blog

With the Random Walking post out of the way, I can finally work on the other drafts. The problem is I am not particularly invested in any of them; they are all idea I sketched before the blog renovation. This weekend I’d like to spend some time just collecting new ideas. For this reason, I don’t really know what you can expect in February.


There is very not much to add. I have so much personal stuff on my hand that it is hard to have technical hobbies. There is a thing I want to add though.

Software development and game development are two fields in which people expect that you spend your free time on a lot of software development and game development stuff. Well, it is not a requirement, and it should not be. If you find that you are in a period in which you want to spend your free time with your family, drawing, going to the beach and not on “building a strong activity on GitHub” there is absolutely nothing wrong.

Just to be clear.

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