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Lazy, Bloody Summer (starting again)

I don’t know if my life is starting to be more interesting or just more hard. Anyhow, in this bloody hot August summer I really feel the need to recollect my digital goods and finally put all of them in a single place. Unfortunately, it is too hot here and my will is at historic lows so this “restyling” is taking longer than expected. As I said before, my life is just increasing in complexity and, as a consequence, I need some place for my academic things, a place for my artistic side, a place for my gamedev ambitions, a place for my work, a place for my spare time, a place for my nerdy things. I usually tried to keep all this thing separated and using this website just as an index. Thinking about that today, I don’t know why. Maybe because I always had problems handling my multiple me, my multiple sides of my interests. However, I really cannot handle all this fragmentation anymore. It is just too complicated. So, I have shut down everything and I created this. It is not a special website about something, is just one website, just about me. (Moreover, in this place there were a shitty page the I promised myself to renew for centuries. Thus, I seized the opportunity and now I’ve solved the two problem at once. Nice job, indeed.

Unfortunately this is not my only task for this summer. In fact, the next week (17th-22th August) I’ll be in Prague for the **European Conference on Artificial Intelligence **(ECAI) in which I have to present in two workshop (I’ll talk about this later in the future). This is something that always gives me a crazy anxiety but that, at the end, I’m always super-happy to get it done. Academic conferences are those places that really break my spirit at the beginning but leave in me tons of enthusiasm at the end. The problem is that, now, we are in the “pre-conference phase” and sometime I can barely sleep.

Well. What can I say more? Ah right. If you are italian (or you speek italian) and you are searching for my previous works, they are still online on Slashcode. Obviously that website will be updated no more. But there is still a big piece of my digital developer life. So, maybe, it will keep it online.

Have a nice ferragosto (an italian holiday celebrated on 15th August) and a nice summer! (you that you can)
(post image by Detkef, unfortunately without permission, I hope is not a problem. If it is, please contact me)

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