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This is a brief list of book I authored or co-authored.

Unity Game Optimization, 3rd Edition (2019)

This is a more advanced Unity book. It talks in detail about optimization tips and how to squeeze every cycle of CPU and byte of memory from your Unity game and application.

Chris Dickinson originally wrote the book, and I had the honor of updating it for Unity 2019 and 2020 by removing outdated bits of information. It was an excellent book because I also learned some tricks by reading it!

Another notable addition is the one about the new Unity Data-Oriented Technology Stack. I wrote about that in more detail here.

Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming (2022)

This is an introductory book on Artificial Intelligence in Games for Unity 2022. I curated the upgrade from Unity 3.x to Unity 2022, added a couple of chapters and smooted the text here and there. At the end, it is a good introductory book on AI for games, covering all the basics such as Finite State Machines, Behavior Trees, Steering Behviors, Pathfinding and even a bit of Machine Learning!

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