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The Changelog – July 2023

Surviving an Heatwave. Doom Metal and more Star Trek.

A human figure standing in the middle of thundering waves and a sky of flames.

Notwithstanding the Sud-European heatwave, I survived. This is already a good result for July, per se. Hailstorms and high-speed winds scourged Northern Italy, while forest fires tormented Southern Italy. I, in the middle, only had to endure 45°C. If you look at this in perspective, it is not so bad. However, surviving was not enough. While the world slowed down, burdened by the sluggish progression of an overheated July, I felt more in tune with myself.

I still not trust Arc

Arc is a beautiful browser with a couple of smart design decisions. But it’s not enough.

Fry from Futurama staring at the Arc logo.

Now that Arc is available without an invitation, many people will try it for the first time. Unfortunately, while I think it is a good browser, I still don’t trust it.

De-Bootstrapping my Blog - Part 1

A geometric pattern of squares and grids.

I am writing a series of posts about the development of a new blog theme. In this first post, I talk about the history of web design (in my experience) and the new best thing in town: CSS Grid.

The Changelog – June 2023

A closeup of a yellow flower.

June was fine. I wish I could express more positive sentiments, but that’s how I feel. It was, however, a big step forward compared to May. Not because I resolved anything (on the contrary, my frustrations grew stronger) but rather because I put a certain emotional scar tissue around my problems so that they interfere less with my intentions. June was also the month in which I was supposed to get the new car I ordered back in January.

The Changelog – May 2023

Header image for The Changelog – May 2023

In the previous issue of the Changelog, I mentioned that May is my apathy month: a time when my motivation plummets, my mood darkens, and I become more introverted than usual. Unfortunately, I was right. Over the past 30 days, I have felt myself slowly sliding to the bottom of my emotional pit. Moreover, my “preventive care trip” to Ferrara got canceled due to the extensive and destructive floods in the region, so I had no other option but to accept the sliding.

Polymorphic Class Serialization in Spring and MongoDB

Polymorphic Faces.

I was recently faced with the perplexing problem of making Spring and MongoDB serialize/deserialize a polymorphic class. Initially, it seemed like a simple task, but it proved to be more complicated than anticipated. Allow me to share my solution.

In Memory of Lotus Organizer

The cover/logo of Lotus Organizer.

I stumbled upon an old screenshot of my favorite piece of software as a kid: Lotus Organizer. Therefore, I decided to share some old memories.

The Changelog – April 2023

Header image for The Changelog – April 2023

They say that to err is human, but to persist is diabolical. If that’s the case, then I must be the devil himself. April has been grossly underwhelming; I had little motivation, energy, and found myself in a persistent state of low-level anxiety. Unfortunately, this has dramatically impacted my ability to mentally organize my things. For example, I usually follow a seasonal schedule where I reevaluate the previous three months at the end of each quarter to see what worked and what didn’t, and plan for the next quarter.

The Changelog – March 2023

Header image for The Changelog – March 2023

This damn month. It went fast. It went weird. It went backward but also kinda forward. So it went technically sideways, in the Cambridge Dictionary sense of “something went wrong or didn’t go as planned,” but also in the more precise feeling that I don’t know if I made any progress on anything or not. With a quick statistical exploration of my diary, “kitchen” was the third most used word, followed only by “things” and “do.

The Changelog – February 2023

Header image for The Changelog – February 2023

There is a little trick I find helpful to get unstuck. Take the one thing you would like to do. Take the smallest related activity that you would consider a goal. Divide that effort by ten. I wanted to actively come back to fiction writing for a long time, but I never managed to get myself to do anything in that regard. So this month, I followed my own advice and asked myself to write for 30 minutes three days a week.